ABF Techlonogy(Advanced Beamforming Technology)

Advanced Beam Forming (ABF) is our patented dual microphone array that eliminates the need for a close-talk boom / stick style microphone.
Our ABF® technology uses advanced DSP algorithms to triangulate your voice’s “sweet spot” and eliminate all other background noise to deliver crystal clear audio.


Stage One:

Our patented” Adaptive-Beam Forming” algorithm is used to optimize the SNR of the wanted signal and continue to track the user’s voice within the Sweet Spot Area. This ensures that the signal taken in by stage 1 is high in desired signal as noise and interference free as possible.

Stage Two:

Adaptive Interference-Cancellation” is performed in this stage, to suppress man generated noise. As man generated noise contains directional information, the array is able to identify those noise sources as outside the ‘sweet zone’ thus cancelling them. The cancellation is done by adaptively creating a ‘null’ or ‘dead spot’ in the direction of each identified noise source.


Stage Three:

This stage of the signal processing primarily resolves the natural noise sources and other non-directional noise source induced into the desired audio information. These noise types are diffused or otherwise lack directional information. They would be identified and suppressed dynamically along with the signal level of the induced natural noise in the frequency domain. Also performed in this stage, is some form of signal recovery to the wanted signal information, speech enhancement, before outputting the final processed signal.

Stage Four:

Together, these technologies produce astonishingly levels of noise suppression and interference cancellation never achieved before. The result of processing different types of noise by different intelligent adaptive processes layer by layer, as opposed to a single juncture cancellation, results in superior quality of the desired voice and greater suppression of unwanted noise being delivered. The resultant suppression of unwanted noise sources by the Digital Microphone Array with DSP processing is on average 24 dB and may go as high as 30+dB.