DSP(Digital Signal Process) Chip

AMP provides excellent performance even when riding at 234 km/h.

Digital signal processing is usually applied in phones for voice communications and in equalizers of HI-FIs.
Our company uniquely apply this on our motorcycle helmet Bluetooth communicators,
which automatically cancels ambient noise, reduces wind and exhaust noise,
reproduces original audio quality at speed up to 234 km/h, providing a ride experience like never before.

There are two types of noise cancellation: Active Noise Control(ANC) and passive noise control.

Passive noise control is usually achieved by using noise-reducing materials.
These materials possess physical property capable of separating ambient sound and noise from the ear.
The idea behind how it works is simple, the cost is low, but the result is also less satisfying.

1.The sound wave produced when user is speaking.


2.The sound wave produced by ambient noise when user is speaking.


3.Inverse sound wave generated through the use of a DSP processor.


4.After being processed by DSP, noise would be canceled out by the inverse sound waves, leaving only crisp and clear speaking sound.


Our product uses ANC. The principle behind this technology is that by collecting the sound waves of ambient noise,
the DSP processor is able to process and produce the inverse sound waves which is then used by an amplifier to cancel out the noise.
Therefore, ANC product requires microphones, amplifier, DSP processor, etc, quality control is also required to achieve the best noise cancellation result.
These requirements results in a higher manufacturing cost of ANC product compared with others.