Features and Functions:

  • Q:What types of Bluetooh devices can be paired to my AMP at the same time?

    A‭:‬ With our latest firmware, we now offer multi-point connectivity, meaning you can now have 2 Bluetooth devices paired to your unit.
    Whether it be Phone, MP3 Player, or GPS. You can now stay connected to even more things that matter to you with AMP.
    Most certified Bluetooth devices should work, but we recommend for best performance to use a single unit such as your phone for Phone calls, Music and GPS.

  • Q:Can I pair my AMP with another brand Bluetooth communication system?

    A: YES! The AMP series are cross brand compatible, so you can connect to other brand helmet communication systems.

Installation and Setup

  • Q:I get no sound from my AMP unit?

    A: If you do not hear anything, please double check and make sure the three lines(or ribs) on the USB speaker port are completely inserted into the control unit.

  • Q:Is private intercom possible with all members of a riding group using AMP?

    A:Private intercom is currently only available to the HBC200 series and AMP 300.
    Private intercom can only work with the user directly connected to you.

  • Q:How do I make sure my unit is protected against weather?

    A:Please make sure the speaker connection is fully inserted into the controller unit.
    This is done by pushing the speaker USB head into the control unit until you can no longer see the three ribs on the speaker USB plug. This ensures a full audio connection and a weatherproof seal.